Write a note on the hazards related to use of agrochemicals

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Write a note on the hazards related to use of agrochemicals

Amar Dhere Modern Agricultural Practices: In cash crop zones, modern agriculture tools and techniques have enriched farmers. The chemical pesticides and fertilizers agrochemicals are commonly used in Indian agriculture. Farm productivity is directly proportional to use of agrochemicals observed from the first green revolution.

Improper and unsafe use of these agrochemicals especially pesticides are not only harmful to environment but also human health. The present study explores the hygienic problems of farmers and farm-workers caused by agrochemicals. For the present study data resources were collected from pilot tested structured interview techniques and group discussions.

To make this study more authentic, data from the pesticide poisoning cases of respective villages were collected from department of Medicine, CPR District Govt.

It is a surprise to find that, some banned pesticides in the developed nations are still used in the study region. Illiteracy among the farmers and farm workers is greatly responsible for improper handling and application of the toxic pesticides.

It is reported that out of 50 poisoning cases, 23 poisoning cases occurred because of accidents. Four farm workers died owing to accidental poisoning of chemical pesticide. This shows that farmers and farm workers have high risk of pesticide poisoning.

The present work offers suggestions for reducing the risk of pesticides poisoning of farmers and farm workers. Introduction Agriculture is the mainstay of Indian economy.

The scenario of Indian agriculture has changed drastically after first green revolution in Now a days synthetic pesticides and fertilizers agrochemicals have become inevitable part in Indian agriculture especially in the cash crop growing zones.

Present study conducted in the four villages of cash crop area at Shirol thesil, Kolhapur district in Maharashtra State.

Pesticides like Endosulfan, Methoxychlor, Lindane and Dicofol from Organochlorine category are commonly found in the study areas.

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Organochlorine group pesticide was used widely in the U. In this category many pesticides are proven to carcinogen, reproductive toxicants or both3. Some Organophosphates group pesticides were found to be used in the study area, these are Malathion, Methyl parathion, Chloropyrifos and Diazinon.

The pesticides used in study area are Methyl Carbamate which contains the chemical formulations Aldicarb and Carbaryl along with this synthetic Pyrethroid is used in the study area very extensively.

The Pyrethroid includes Permethrin and Cypermethrin formulation. Herbicides are used for the control of weeds this having the different chemicals such as Alachlor, Atrazine and Simazine. Herbicides designed to kill the plants rather than animals and they less acutely are toxic to humans than the insecticides.

Fumigants are also used as agrochemicals but its use is very rare in the study area and only for sterilizing soil and in structural pest control. Fumigants have ability to diffuse organic matters in the soil. Fumigants tend to be rapidly absorbed across the pulmonary membrane and through skin5.

Fumigants are classified under the deadly poisonous and they act as a carcinogen 3, 6 and found to be used in the study region especially in the green house agricultural commodities. Chemical pesticides are associated with risk and health hazards if not handled properly.

Improper handling and unsafe spraying of the agrochemical cause high risk of health hazards reported in the pat studies.

Government inspectors test food in interstate commerce to ensure limits are not exceeded:

Centre for Science and Environment CSE reported that pesticide exposure causes acute poisoning, cancer and neurological impairment, reproductive and developmental problems5.

According to Takagi7risk of the pesticide associated with its use and this can be divided into two categories: These are acutely toxicity, chronic toxicity, tetragenicity and have ability of biological concentrations.

Human health problems are ranging from muscle weakness, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, headache, respiratory distress, leukemia, brain and liver damage and even death in case of ingestion of high dose. Common in year from to in California people suffered from pesticide poisoning8.

Majority of them are farmers. There are many cases of pesticide poisoning which are unreported. It has been estimated that 3 million acute pesticide poisoning cases occurred in one year at world level9.

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This is because of entry of the agrochemicals in the river water, ground water, drinking water, soil and air.knowledge of hazards, which must be correct, is important for the prevention of acute and chronic poisoning: The third section of the questionnaire consisted of questions related to their practice on safety use 2.

pesticides * * *. AGROCHEMICALS AND THEIR IMPACT ON HUMAN HEALTH diseases related to pesticide poisonings have been reported.

In El Rincón de Santa María in particular, a small town in the province of Herrera surrounded by vast industrial monocultures, on pesticide use, there seems to be a lack of information about the potential hazards of .

write a note on the hazards related to use of agrochemicals

She claims that the Green Revolution's reliance on heavy use of chemical inputs and monocultures has resulted in water scarcity, vulnerability to pests, and incidents of .

The results showed high risk exposure of cocoa farmers to toxicity and hazards of agrochemicals used on their cocoa farms.

Farmers’ Knowledge Level of Precautionary Measures in Agro-Chemicals Usage on Cocoa Production in Osun and Edo States, Nigeria “Assessment of Operational habits and health related problems in the use . Some focus group discussions were carried out to find the micro level observations and health hazard aspects related with use of agrochemicals.

There are six group discussions attempted to analyze the pesticide poisoning cases of farmers and farm worker for drawing the reliable results.

write a note on the hazards related to use of agrochemicals

Perceptions of Farmers' and Farmworkers' Wives on the Use and Hazards of Agrochemicals in Rural Vellore Related Articles; Comments; Cite. Recommended Citation. Perceptions of Farmers' and Farmworkers' Wives on the Use and Hazards of Agrochemicals in Rural Vellore Mark Rohit Francis, Leeberk Raja.

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