Was magellan worth defending

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Was Magellan Worth Defending Magellan is intelligent. UT another way you cool describe him is cruel. Another reason he was worth is because he was just try Eng to deliver spices.

Was magellan worth defending

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. InMagellan went to Spain hoping he would get support like Columbus inthe Spanish king agreed to give Magellan an armada of five ships.

There, Magellan hired a big crew containing roughly young men in their teens and twenties. Magellan started his trip were some situations were happening which led some of his crew to rebel against him and not defend him in April 27, in the Philippines and unfortunately he died.

Was Magellan worth defending? Magellan was not worth defending because of disloyalty to task. However, while crossing the pacific, he stopped in the Philippines, where he decided that god had an additional purpose for him. In my point of view this is something that can make the crew mad against Magellan, he needs to complete his task, this people might be desperate to get their money from this trip.

This meant that even if he made it to the Spice Island, he decided to spread Christianism, in which he is forgetting about his task, the crew might have said: Magellan was not worth defending because of lack of concern for crew.

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This is evident in the key boxes, in box A he began his voyage with men in his five ships, as you can see in the box F only one ship arrived with 18 people DOC A. Another reason is that he regularly sent small scouting parties in the long boats.

This meant that his bad decisions led to almost kill all of his crew, and one of the ways was by sending small scouting parties, this leads to lack of concern of crew.

More essays like this:Magellan was not worth defending because he was cruel, unprepared, and he put the crew in d anger.

The first out of many reasons Magellan was not worth defending was because he was cruel. The first way Magellan was cruel was because he was selfish. April 27, Was Magellan Worth Defending?

Was magellan worth defending

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In conclusion, Magellan was worth defending because he was very smart, powerful, strong, and thought everything through! Did you know that Magellan was strong and powerful so he was worth defending? Well that's what I think, the reason I think he was worth defending is .

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