The unfortunate effects of isolation on an individual and the people around them in the novel windfl

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The unfortunate effects of isolation on an individual and the people around them in the novel windfl

She heard phantom footsteps and flashing lights, and spent most of her day crouched on all fours, listening through a gap in the door. That summer, the year-old had been hiking with two friends in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan when they were arrested by Iranian troops after straying onto the border with Iran.

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Accused of spying, they were kept in solitary confinement in Evin prison in Tehran, each in their own tiny cell. She endured almost 10, hours with little human contact before she was freed. One of the most disturbing effects was the hallucinations.

But not alone alone. For most people, prolonged social isolation is all bad, particularly mentally. We know this not only from reports by people like Shourd who have experienced it first-hand, but also from psychological experiments on the effects of isolation and sensory deprivation, some of which had to be called off due to the extreme and bizarre reactions of those involved.

Loneliness also interferes with a whole range of everyday functioning, such as sleep patterns, attention and logical and verbal reasoning. The mechanisms behind these effects are still unclear, though what is known is that social isolation unleashes an extreme immune response — a cascade of stress hormones and inflammation.

The unfortunate effects of isolation on an individual and the people around them in the novel windfl

This may have been appropriate in our early ancestors, when being isolated from the group carried big physical risks, but for us the outcome is mostly harmful. Yet some of the most profound effects of loneliness are on the mind.

For starters, isolation messes with our sense of time. InFrench geologist Michel Siffre led a two-week expedition to study an underground glacier beneath the French Alps and ended up staying two months, fascinated by how the darkness affected human biology. While conducting tests with his team on the surface, they discovered it took him five minutes to count to what he thought was seconds.

InMontalbini spent days in an underground cavern near Pesaro in Italy that had been designed with Nasa to simulate space missions, breaking his own world record for time spent underground.

When he emerged, he was convinced only days had passed. His sleep-wake cycles had almost doubled in length. Since then, researchers have found that in darkness most people eventually adjust to a hour cycle: The reasons are still unclear.


Getty Images As well as their time-shifts, Siffre and Montalbini reported periods of mental instability too. But these experiences were nothing compared with the extreme reactions seen in notorious sensory deprivation experiments in the midth Century.

Their defence departments funded a series of research programmes that might be considered ethically dubious today. The McGill researchers invited paid volunteers — mainly college students — to spend days or weeks by themselves in sound-proof cubicles, deprived of meaningful human contact.

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Their aim was to reduce perceptual stimulation to a minimum, to see how their subjects would behave when almost nothing was happening. They minimised what they could feel, see, hear and touch, fitting them with translucent visors, cotton gloves and cardboard cuffs extending beyond the fingertips.

As Scientific American magazine reported at the timethey had them lie on U-shaped foam pillows to restrict noise, and set up a continuous hum of air-conditioning units to mask small sounds.

After only a few hours, the students became acutely restless. They started to crave stimulation, talking, singing or reciting poetry to themselves to break the monotony.

Later, many of them became anxious or highly emotional. Their mental performance suffered too, struggling with arithmetic and word association tests.

They would start with points of light, lines or shapes, eventually evolving into bizarre scenes, such as squirrels marching with sacks over their shoulders or processions of eyeglasses filing down a street.

They had no control over what they saw: Some of them experienced sound hallucinations as well: Others imagined sensations of touch: Another, reaching out to touch a doorknob, felt an electric shock.

When they emerged from the experiment they found it hard to shake this altered sense of reality, convinced that the whole room was in motion, or that objects were constantly changing shape and size. Distressing end The researchers had hoped to observe their subjects over several weeks, but the trial was cut short because they became too distressed to carry on.

Few lasted beyond two days, and none as long as a week.Some people insist stigma around mental health is no longer an issue in our society, and mental illness no longer a taboo topic.

Those having this mindset likely don’t live in a community where. Joe, in attempt to boost office morale, identifies what each of his managers does best so that he can give them assignments to best suit their individual strengths.


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We, as readers, are in the beginning given the impression that Elsa is a fit mother who is responsible and knows how to raise her child properly.

In the first chapter of a novel, the protagonist, Carol, is introduced; she and her life are described in vividly realistic detail.

Gabrielle Roy, the author of Windflower, shows us through her main character, Elsa Kumachuck, that isolation can have unfortunate effects on an individual and the people around them. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. the use of specified procedures to evaluate the abilities, behaviors, and personal qualities of people.

Often referred to as the measurement of individual differences because the majority of assessments specifies how an individual is different from or similar to other people on a given dimension. Sample essay topic, essay writing: Windflower - words Windflower Gabrielle Roy, the author of Windflower, shows us through her maincharacter, Elsa Kumachuck, that isolation can have unfortunate effects on anindividual and the people around them.

Full text of " The Church Missionary Gleaner New Series Vol 16"