The night of the battle

Contents [ show ] Difficulty Although substantially easier than some of the preceding subchapters, Dead End Night is still not an easy chapter due to its variety of mediocre stages. Expect to change your line up frequently for this subchapter.

The night of the battle

The Germans proved to be better equipped for night fighting, with better co-ordination, star shells and searchlights. The British destroyers were painted black, a bad colour for night fighting, after the battle they were repainted grey like their German counterparts.

Whilst they attacked bravely their tactics were poor, usually approaching too close and launching torpedoes at the wrong angles, enabling the Germans to fire first and avoid the torpedoes. More importantly the British light forces as well as the rear elements of the battlefleet failed to report to Jellicoe that heavy German ships were present, thus denying him the opportunity of changing course and intercepting the German fleet the following morning.

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Jellicoe did now not know the German positions, although at 7. He set course for Horns Reef which he guessed was Scheers destination, hoping to cut them off and resume battle in the morning.

The night of the battle

There were a series of minor skirmishes mainly between the opposing light forces, the capital ships being reluctant The night of the battle intervene because of the difficulty of telling friend from foe in the deteriorating light. Just as this happened the II Squadron of pre-Dreadnoughts came into view.

They were rapidly hit by the British battlecruisers before they too turned away. The British did not follow. At this point the two lines were on a converging course but despite the British being able to see the German line whilst being hidden themselves.

Jellicoe ordered the Grand Fleet to turn away to avoid a night action. He was worried by the poor standard of British night fighting skills and especially worried about the danger of torpedo attacks.

The results of the night skirmishes that did take place show this to be one of Jellicoes better decisions of the battle. Scheer set course for Horns Reef and sent out his torpedo boats to make night attacks, although they failed to find their prey.

Jellicoe ordered a defensive night formation and set course for Ems, his guess at Scheers destination, even though Horns Reef was the shorter route. He relied on his destroyers to cover the Horns Reef route. In general these were at short range c yards and the Germans usually got the first shot in.

Both sides sustained damage but the only ship sunk was Frauenlob, torpedoed by Southampton. By just after midnight both Seydlitz and Moltke had crossed the rear of the British fleet.

Both had been sighted but were left unchallenged by the British battleships who were afraid to reveal themselves although the Germans would have been easy prey. The 4th Destroyer Flotilla encountered the German van, Westfalen sinking Tipperary, Spitfire colliding with Nassau and carrying off a twenty foot piece of side plating!.

In the confusion Elbing was accidentally rammed by Posen, sinking later.


Contest then ran into the back of Sparrowhawk, slicing off thirty foot of her stern. Rostock was torpedoed and sunk for her troubles and Westfalen sank Fortune. Black Prince, which had been lost, arrived just after midnight and was blasted at close range by four battleships causing her to explode.

Moments later Westfalen sank the Ardent. These engagements were seen by the 5th Battle Squadron but the fact that German battleships were crossing the Grand Fleet's rear was not reported to Jellicoe as it was assumed he knew.

Jellicoe received an Admiralty intercept at The 9th and 10th Destroyer Flotillas joined up with what was left of the 4th and crossed the German line, thinking it was the 5th Battle Squadron.Paint Nite is not a typical paint and sip company.

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The night of the battle
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