The early life space exploration and political service of lyndon b johnson

Walter Leland Cronkite, a dentist.

The early life space exploration and political service of lyndon b johnson

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Johnson created new programs in health, education, human rights, and conservation. He was also aggressive in the fight against poverty, beginning what he called the "War on Poverty. Johnson's father, Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr.

After he lost a large sum of money trading cotton, he struggled to raise his two sons and three daughters. Johnson's mother was a gentle woman who encouraged her children to love books and gave them a sense of duty and responsibility.

While in college, he had combined his studies with a job teaching Mexican American children. In Johnson went to Washington, D. Almost immediately Johnson's talent for attracting affection and respect became visible.

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He was elected speaker of the "Little Congress," an assembly of congressional secretaries on Capitol Hill. With her, Johnson found constant strength, love, and support.


At age twenty-seven Johnson returned to Texas to become the state director of the National Youth Administration. When a special election was called to select a replacement, Johnson joined a race crowded with seven other candidates.

To the amazement of many long-standing politicians, the twenty-eight-year-old Johnson won the race. In he ran for a Senate seat but lost by a small margin.

He joined the navy and in received the Silver Star for his contribution to a bombing mission over New Guinea. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt — ordered all congressmen in the military back to the capital inJohnson reentered the House. In Johnson finally won election to the Senate.

The other senators soon recognized that he was not an ordinary first-term senator. He was knowledgeable about every item that was brought before the Senate. In January Johnson was named Democratic "whip" assistant minority leader.

Inwhen the post of minority leader in the Senate opened up, Democratic senators chose Johnson to take charge. After the Democrats won a majority of seats in both houses in the congressional elections ofJohnson became the youngest man ever to serve as majority leader.

At that time, Johnson's leadership became visible to the nation. He led the first civil rights bill in eighty-two years through Lyndon B. Then inwhile representing the United States at the United Nations, he called for the peaceful exploration of outer space. He uncovered waste in defense spending and began an investigation.

In Johnson briefly ran against John F. Kennedy — for the Democratic presidential nomination. Kennedy later chose Johnson as his vice presidential running mate. While some Kennedy supporters complained, experts later agreed that Johnson's tireless campaigning in Texas and the South led Kennedy to victory in the election.

Serving as vice president Johnson had many important assignments as vice president.

The early life space exploration and political service of lyndon b johnson

One of his tasks was to improve the growing U. Regarding civil rights, as chairman of the President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity forces, he surprised many critics by putting constant pressure on American businesses.

The committee had been created by President Kennedy in to enforce an executive order prohibiting discrimination unequal treatment based on race in government employment. Giving orders to take off seconds later, the new president flew back to Washington to take command of the government while the nation grieved for its fallen leader.

Filling the presidency Five days after taking office, President Johnson appeared before a joint session of Congress. Speaking firmly, he pledged, "We shall continue.John F. Kennedy 35th United States President «Previous Next» In office Jan. 20, – Nov. 22, V. President Lyndon B.

Johnson Political Party Democratic Personal Info Born May 29, Died Nov. 22, (at age 46) Religion Roman Catholic School Harvard Profession Politician, Author Signature Wife Jacqueline Lee. On this day in , in his State of the Union address, President Lyndon Baines Johnson lays out for Congress a laundry list of legislation needed to achieve his plan for a Great Society.

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The Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston was renamed the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in , and Texas created a legal state holiday to be observed on August 27 to mark Johnson's birthday.

It is known as Lyndon Baines Johnson Day. A hamlet, or unincorporated community, is a small settlement in a rural area. These historic gems are home to early structures, unbridled natural beauty, wildlife, family businesses and farms, and the people who have preserved the customs of their ancestors.

Facts about Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th President of the United States. LBJ Presidential Library. Biography The boyhood that shaped LBJ. Lyndon Baines Johnson was born on August 27, , in central Texas, not far from Johnson City, which his family had helped settle.

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