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With its roots in eastern traditions such as Tantra and Taoism, The Body Electric School BE offers a unique experience to most first-time participants.

Whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or heterosexual, people leave their first workshop touched, moved, and sometimes profoundly changed. Yet the words they find to describe their experience often seem inadequate. Over the years, the disconnect between the limitations of language and the expansive experience of Body Electric has led to a number of misperceptions and myths about what the Body Electric experience is, and what it is not.

Everett I am surprised at how often I encounter people who only know Body Electric through the experience of others, or—as often—through the mythology that surrounds it. And so often the perceptions are far from the reality.

Rather than trying to walk through all the things that Body Electric is not, I think that it is important to discuss what Body Electric is. As facilitators, what is it that you hope participants will take away from their Body Electric experience?

John There are so many things that keep us apart as men. There are our judgments about ourselves, and about one another. We constantly worry that we are not good enough, that we are somehow going to be inadequate.

So, to let go of all that, to really experience community—even if it is a temporary community—is an amazing experience.

An experience of living without judgment for a couple of days is an important part of what we offer. Michael We begin by creating an environment of safety.

Within that environment, I work to offer a sense—and an experience—that it is okay to be open and in community around eroticism, that it is okay to be open with other men about Eros and sexuality and emotion.

I also hope that men experience that it is important to do that. And I hope men experience a sense of freedom or release from shame around their bodies, that it is okay to be with men, in the light, naked.

Men’s Introductory Programs

I hope that they get in touch with playfulness around all of this. And I hope they get a sense of the potential Eros and sensuality have beyond what they have known. William I want participants to reframe how they see and experience erotic energy, to widen the realm of possibility and not be boxed in by their past ways of seeing and feeling.

I want them to have fun, to find enjoyment without judgment, to allow themselves to be carried by the energy, and to experience a sense of connection to all aspects of the self and to others in the group.

Everett I know that I came to my first Celebrating the Body Erotic workshop at a time that I was seeking to deepen my own spiritual practice, and to really explore my sexual, sensual, and erotic self.

I was hungry to find other men who were on a similar journey. For me, the experience was life-changing. What brought you to Body Electric, and what were your initial experiences like? John My first time as a participant was in I had read an article in the Advocate about the work that Body Electric was doing at the time.

All It Takes Is 28 Minutes The shows were enthusiastically received because the benefits of exercises using light weights were easily realized at home; the popular music inspired motivation; and as the creator and host, I continue to value the Body Electric "friends" who have benefited from the program over the years. The problem has always been that while PBS stations were allowed to offer popular music and artists, the licensed music was not available to me.
Membership Can we leverage this property to see inside ourselves?

It was really a little bit of heaven. William I had been participating in a healing group that was not associated with Body Electric. I talked to him about it. He was a Body Electric coordinator, and invited me to attend an upcoming workshop. That was the beginning for me.

Michael What brought me to BE was hunger and loneliness, a sense of being lost, and needing a group of people…needing to be initiated into Eros and community.

The experience was magical, transformative. It caught me by surprise. It was a sense of coming home, like I had found my tribe.

The body electric

My life took a totally different direction. My personal growth efforts moved onto this path. I had been single for three years, and was just looking to learn something new about myself. I thought it would be an interesting way to discover another aspect of myself.

It was radical; this work is radical, especially to those unfamiliar with it.Practice at the beautiful Body Electric Yoga Company. Enjoy great instruction and tons of classes, because at The BE, we love yoga!

We're known for good vibes and a welcoming community at our home in the historic ice factory in sunny St. Petersburg.

Come exercise your mind, body, and spirit, and let's have some fun! “The Body Electric Yoga Co has a bevy of class opportunities, geared towards the novice or the expert.

There's a sense of community in the center and they are expanding - woo hoo!!!” Shucker01 A m a z i n g. Buy The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders/5().

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