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TSE diagnosed in blood Thu, 15 Jul Listserve, seminar notes, conference abstract Below are some very exciting developments -- TSEs can now be detected in blood, including human, elk, deer, and sheep blood.

But how can all this information can be several months old but only be available at obscure seminars? Why are draft papers not available? Having already gone public with their data in at least two places, this federal laboratory in Iowa would seemingly have to release all documents under America's Freedom of Information Act.

There will be the devil to pay if FDA continues to allow blood sales they know or should have known had Prp-Sc.

Are public policy makers really supposed to wait for some journal to go through a tedious process of review and for print publications to be mailed out to libraries? This makes no sense in a situation where policy makers have staff Sythesis bank is perfectly capable of making critical review for themselves and who could care less whether 2 unknown peer reviewers liked a submission.

To quote from the USDA's own FOIA page"Nothing could be more irrational than to give the people power and to withhold from them information, without which power is abused. A blood test is working in preclinical elk as well as sheep.

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These may have been from the South Dakota herd that was donated for research purposes rather than random elk surveys. The abstract does not say whether the elk were experimentally infected nor if they went on to develop clinical symptoms and if so, how much lead time was gained by the blood test.

It could take a few years for such a diagnostic test to complete validation procedures. In addition to not requiring a dead animal, animals can be recognized about halfway to clinical onset -- a big improvement but not the end of the story if infected animals have already spread the agent around by then.

These animals were not clinically ill when the blood was taken. There is a good correlation with Western blot of the tonsils of sheep and with CIE of the blood. The assay has potential for development as a preclinical diagnostic test for TSEs.

At three-and-a-half months of age no PrPSc could be detected in three homozygous susceptible sheep, whereas the earliest appearance of PrPSc was at four months in one similar sheep. No immunostaining could be detected in animals with a semi- resistant genotype. Technical details of taking tonsillar biopsies in sheep will be presented and possible applications of this technique will be discussed.

We have identified a high-affinity surface binding site for PrPC using PrP-alkaline phosphatase fusion proteins and have cloned a candidate transmembrane protein that confers PrP-AP binding on frog oocytes.

Sythesis bank

The identification of an authentic high-affinity cell surface receptor for prion proteins enables the development of diagnostics and therapeutics based upon this specific interaction. Overall Conference Chairperson Dr. Michael Blaese, Kimeragen, Inc.

Department of Agriculture Dr. Marshall Dinowitz, Genentech, Inc. Heino Diringer Germany Dr. There also seems to be a new issue of Dev Biol Stand devoted to the topic of detecting prions in blood.

This was Scmerr's 6th publication on prion capillary electrophoresis from They stick to sheep and elk where results are welcomed by industry, unlike human or cow where detection would be most unwelcome.

Despite its long-evident superior sensitivity, there has been no great rush at FDA to adopt this method -- its ramifications are a major political headache for the agency.

Prion detected in blood test

If prion capillary electrophoresis was used in the deer and elk hunter case McEwen's blood was reported sampledthe results have not been released and stockpiled blood products were apparently given out without waiting for CIE results.

That makes it a little awkward to release a positive result now if there was one. Or for that matter, to release a negative result -- one obtained only after decision was made to use stockpiled material in hundreds of thousands of people.

FDA should have based recall policy on the best available science -- that surely includes using the best available technology.

Sythesis bank

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