Successful social media marketing case studies

How can a very serious product offering and communication still catch the attention of the masses, engage them and ensure they build an emotional equity with you. The bank is amongst the top 10 in USA, with over 26, employees, with a deep rooted relationship amongst communities. The bank besides working with communities closely, also fosters programs under Corporate Social Responsibility into better education, green environment and giving back to less fortunate people in the society. TD Bank since its inception has been trying to do some unconventional guerrilla marketing tactics to stand-outside-the box, and get ticked.

Successful social media marketing case studies

Select a Length that Works for You Some marketers say a shorter case study is better, others proclaim the benefits of long-form content. Consultant and blogger Debbie Weil writes that a reasonable word count is words. On the other side, Kissmetrics co-founder Neil Patel has helped herald the success of long-form content for marketing.

Inhe found that longer copy on his homepage yielded him a higher conversion rate and longer blog posts earned him more social shares. He backed up his encouragement by noting a Moz study that showed higher search rankings for long-form content, too.

Though what's best for you is really what you find resonates with your customers. Tell a Story Marketer Drew McLellan calls case studies the marketing version of Aesop's Fables, they're stories that are told to make a point or teach a lesson about the value of your product.

Describe how the challenge was overcome tell of the battle.

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Sum it up give it a happy ending. Hero suffers a loss or experiences a serious problem… Hero attempts to resolve issues through usual means, and fails… Hero goes on a journey and discovers an ally or new approach… Hero overcomes tremendous odds to resolve the problem… Hero returns triumphant and tells all about his conquest.

Statement and explanation of the business problem, including key metrics Turning point and introduction of key tools to solve the problem Development and deployment of the solution Results, including key metrics "The reason it works is that it has the structure of an actual story: There may be other structures that could work, and experimentation can be good, but only so long as all these points are covered at a minimum in the final piece.

Apply Steve Slaunwhite's "Case Study Sequence" Another way to look at it is to think of case studies as stories told from the perspective of a happy customer.

These kind of stories, says Slaunwhite, are hard to resist reading. Begin by putting the spotlight on the customer, not your product. Though this section is often skipped, it's worth including, he says. Share the steps the customer took to solve the problem, including other products and services they investigated.

Tell the how customer found out about your company, teeing up the next part of the case study: Share how the customer implemented your product or service, including details such as time commitment or obstacles overcome. Detail how well your product solved the customer's problem with as many specifics as possible.

Slaunwhite stresses the use of hard numbers, such as savings, revenue gains, sales growth and return on investment, along with another customer quote. Finally, this is where you summarize and close your story. Keep It Skimmable Hibbard, who wrote the book Stories that Sellsays there are two types of audiences: To make your case study skimmable, Hibbard recommends the following characteristics: The headline — Include the number one idea you want to reinforce.

Subheads — Tell the main points of your story in subheads throughout. Pull quote — Preferably a highlighted quote pulled out and enlarged in the final designed format that reinforces the main benefit.

Sidebar summary — Summarize key points in a sidebar. In Weil's write-up on case studies, she calls subheadssuch as "The Challenge" and "The Solution", "signposts".

And just like a city keeps its signpost format the same, so too should your case study library. Disregard Formats In her case study mistakes ebook, Hibbard offers another approach: But the most interesting stories usually take a more creative path.

Instead, she encourages you to think about the personality of your audience and consider what would resonate with them most. Here are three alternatives she recommends: Feature-Story Format - Employ journalism techniques such as a strong lead sentence or opening paragraph, and descriptive subheads as it moves along.

CASE STUDY: Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Whether it’s organic reach through earned media or promoted via paid media, Liquid Grids™ guarantees impressions of your Liquid Content and delivers a Return on Investment model for your social media marketing campaign. Case Studies: Social Media. Access thousands of our social media online marketing resources here. Select any of the popular topics below to narrow your search. Browse B2B marketing case studies from real LinkedIn Marketing Solutions customers. Help Center Blog LinkedIn Marketing Philips generates 66% of earned media from video for Sponsored Content Toshiba enjoys content marketing success with their LinkedIn Showcase Page .

First or Second Person - Best used where individuals or consumers are the audience, rather than business, this type of case study presents stories from the perspective of the customer, speaking in either first or second person, in "I" or "we" terms. It could also be a plus for organizations with little time to invest in case studies as this type of content is fairly simple to produce.

Categorize Your Content "Make sure each case study is tagged within a certain category—like industry or company size, for example—so that when prospects come to your site, they can easily find a case study that speaks to their needs," Sorenson recommends on the HubSpot blog.

See the "Label the Customer" top below 7.


Readers who want to know more can click through to a complete version that goes into more detail. Use Scroll-Stopping Headlines Eye-catching headlines aren't only for your blog posts, they should be used on your case studies page, too. Task management app Todoist employs enticing headlines to share customer stories.TD Bank’s case in hand justifies that self propelling marketing is sometimes a myth that gets unnoticed and makes you “me too” within the consumer mind.

However a campaign that is designed and dovetailed well within the brands objectives and consumer minds is bound for sure success. Top Social Media Marketing Case Studies Serious about Social Media Marketing? Join Upcoming FREE Online Orientation Session Sign Identifying the target group and its passion are the backbone of success of social media marketing.

The quality of success depends on how effectively a company or brand can leverage its unique competitive. 5 outstanding Facebook marketing case studies We've highlighted five of the best Facebook marketing case studies from , including examples from Disney, Shutterfly and Qwertee.

Successful social media marketing case studies

billion monthly active users, there are compelling reasons for your brand to nurture an active presence aboard the social media giant. The campaign was a. Case studies of successful social media campaigns.

Digital marketers and agencies the world over are expected to come up with campaigns that help a business to achieve its goals. 5 outstanding Facebook marketing case studies We've highlighted five of the best Facebook marketing case studies from , including examples from Disney, Shutterfly and Qwertee.

billion monthly active users, there are compelling reasons for your brand to nurture an active presence aboard the social media giant. The campaign was a.

We launched our library of over a dozen Zapier case studies last week, following months of work Marketer Drew McLellan calls case studies the marketing version of "You should say 'it was a combination of a three-month dedicated social media campaign focusing on Facebook and YouTube and five months of link building that led to an.

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