Power of a glance

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Power of a glance

Although brief and a cursory look like a flash of light, a glance has immense power and canmelt men of stone heart into butter and put them in an orbit for the rest of their lives.

Power of a glance

The power of a glance. A simple glance, that fleeting look, a micro-expression, which is a particular and critical kind of facial expression, conveys many things. The eyes, often called the windows of the soul or heart, send many different non-verbal signals including messages of love.

Although a brief and cursory look like a flash of light for a microsecond, a glance is: In a glance, the Power of a glance shimmer, sparkle, glint, twinkle and scintillate to the delight of the person at the receiving end and make them blush. A soft glance, also called doe eyes, often indicates sexual desire.

Eye contact between two people is a powerful act of communication and may show interest, affection or dominance. A glance from a beautiful damsel is the foremost, for it can melt even a stone heart man into butter and change his life permanently.

When combined with a half smile, it becomes potent. A glance of a young woman is also part of body chemistry and can make a dyed in the wool bachelor to lose his heart once and for all.

It can turn him to a fan, admirer, or a faithful follower for the rest of his life. It may put him in an orbit around her and induce him to change the course of his life and follow the woman like a faithful puppy and remain beholden to her for the rest of his life.

Such is the power of a glance, and it varies directly proportional to the beauty of the woman. If the woman is, one of wealth, or a figure that can stop traffic, or a standing in society, the power of her glance will increase manifold, perhaps exponentially even.

Glances are more eloquent than words and remain permanently etched in our memory. Some have achieved name and fame while some ruined their careers pursuing the woman. A few used it as a muse or a catalyst and turned to be lyricists, poets and best selling authors. Glances may be direct or oblique or sideways.

A direct glance is like a checkered flag and shows the recipient has already won the race to get the approbation of the woman.

The oblique one indicates he has more work to do, but also acts as a green signal to press on. A side glance or askance shows mistrust, suspicion and disapproval.

Women, in general, often begin with a room compassing glance scanning the room to seek out prospects. When once they zero in on a target, they would give a short, darting glance.

Research shows women use fifty-two different non-verbal courtship behaviors. Some women use the glance as a weapon to lure a man to follow her and commit a folly or misdemeanor or even a heinous act. There is no way to identify the nature of the glance, classify it and predict what it would lead to.

In short, the man of the species, although of stronger sex, has little control of his actions when he gets smitten by a glance. Nature has endowed the females to give this delightful glance to control men and their destiny.

A glance from a gent also has several connotations. A man in power or authority can indicate success or failure of the recipient. People of both sexes, often, pine for a kind glance from their boss especially if the latter is a task master and hard to please. One who wins an approving glance feels immensely happy and is destined to go places.

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But, bosses, in general, keep their smiles and eyes tightly locked as if they were a treasure chest and keep their feelings wrapped up even when their staff punches above its weight or trumps an ace.

A scorn, on the other hand, is easily dispensed by bosses and can be identified readily. It should be taken as an alarm bell either to stop in our tracks or to look for new pastures, for it brings a pink slip in its wake.

Although most glances are given voluntarily as a reflex action of the state of mind, some are forced by the recipient.At A Glance. Highlights Our Vision To be the global technology leader in efficient power conveyance and energy-management solutions that enable our customers to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Power of a glance

Business . Home/All Categories/Articles/ Power of the Preceptors Glance. Articles SubhaPhalan Power of the Preceptors Glance. vaishnavi shridhar August 23, 2 6 3 minutes read. A preceptor’s kind glance is ranked even higher than divine blessings, and takes the disciple far ahead.

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Quote by Victor Hugo: “The power of a glance has been so much abused i”