Peripheral route and central route to persuasion

This model shows how attitudes are changed based on the level of involvement in the purchase. As soon as a message is received a consumer begins to process it, depending on the level of involvement and motivation it will then follow one of two routes—the central route or the peripheral route. If the consumer is highly involved in the purchase, then they will put forth considerable effort toward understanding the marketing messages.

Peripheral route and central route to persuasion

What is Central Route Persuasion?

People may be persuaded in different ways. In this article, I provide information about two different ways of being persuaded. Before providing information on these ways of being persuaded, I will define persuasion.

There may be a number of possible definitions of persuasion. Below is one persuasion definition: Persuasion occurs when one's attitudes, beliefs, or decisions are influenced in manner consistent with a message.

Elaboration Likelihood Model

The Central Route and Peripheral Route to Persuasion Petty and Cacioppo suggested that there are two different ways or routes to persuasion: The Central Route to Persuasion. The central route to persuasion involves being persuaded by the arguments or the content of the message.

For example, after hearing a political debate you may decide to vote for a candidate because you found the candidates views and arguments very convincing. The Peripheral Route to Persuasion. The peripheral route to persuasion involves being persuaded in a manner that is not based on the arguments or the message content.

For example, after reading a political debate you may decide to vote for a candidate because you like the sound of the person's voice, or the person went to the same university as you did.

Two Routes of Persuasion

The peripheral route can involve using superficial cues such as the attractiveness of the speaker. Classic and contemporary approaches. My book, Finding Meaning third editioncontains ideas about finding meaning in life, adversity, and work.2.

Peripheral route and central route to persuasion

Barbie is a "perfect " She has gorgeous flowing blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, olive tanned skin, and a smile to die for. According to social psychological research, when Ken meets Barbie for the first time, what other traits might he infer about Barbie's personality?

Some studies are only available to people in a certain age range or of a certain sex, so you can optionally fill in that information to be able to participate in those studies.

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Elaboration Likelihood Model

The Elaboration Likelihood Model is discussed in this lesson, including the distinction between the central route and the peripheral route, examples of each route and when people are likely to. Constructivism People who are more cognitively complex will be more successful communicators because they possess the ability to create customized and sophisticated messages that pursue multiple communication goals.

Before we understand Central Route of Persuasion, we need to learn a bit about the Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion. Elaboration likelihood model of persuasion is an advertisement and marketing communication model which talks about persuasion level of .

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