Introduction to load shedding

Eskom therefore generates, transports and distributes electricity — and this is managed predominantly by Eskom for the entire country; however, Eskom only directly supplies more than 5 million households which means that most of us are supplied by municipalities. At all times there must be sufficient supply to meet demand, but electricity demand is not consistent because of:

Introduction to load shedding

In fact Geo live TV is a pioneer of introducing its websites for mobile users so that they can get updates about anything when ever and from everywhere when desire. One can even facilitated from updates even when there is electricity failure at home.

This innovative feature of Geo mobile was launched in just by visiting this one can get the stuff when required. If someone wants to watch or any other program telecasted by Geo TV then Introduction to load shedding switching into the official website of Geo which is www.

Through this not only we can watch online but also can watch previous and latest episodes of programs either live or recorded. And sometimes it happens that you are away from TV sets or there is electricity failure or any technical problem then you can alternatively use the Geo online facility and happily watch all the transmission and live on your mobiles and laptops.

Just for instance there is a Newsroom automation service. Geo News Pakistan has a state-of-the-art newsroom seasoned with dynamic computerized system in order to pace with the current issues right now in Pakistan and also in the world.

There is fully powered and strengthened news production department dealing with the nonstop news transmission up to 24 hours. That is not as easier as it appears. There is a lot of effort behind the curtain.

Live TV has a full command on news operation, collection of veiled facts, feedback of local folk about public issues, script writing of minute to minute news in order to make it presentable and comprehensive, manipulation of pictures, figures and videos regarding news. In order to get know about the core of the matter or to find out the bone of contention fully approached contacts and huge network of authorized people required to manage this all simultaneously with other technical activities.

Lot of hard work, time and talented people require to do work through software and programs to manage the daily schedule of programs and to handle all the cast and crew including news anchors all artists. Using media platforms and wireless application portals there is a production of multiple featured software that make possible the formation of broadcasting graphics, virtual environment and rich visual stuff up to the mark for transmission.

Team members of this supervising team consists of multitalented people belongs to well renowned TV channels such as CNN and ARY News having designations of producers ,directors ,editors ,script writers ,camera men and presenters. This basic training course comprised of two parts in venues.

One session of training was in Dubai while the other was in the city of lights Karachi, Pakistan. Time duration of this training course was round about 5 months. This multi-disciplinary training proved very beneficial as it provides awareness about usage of machineries required to deal with the establishment of fully furnished television channel.

It let them know how to do work, how to maintain the efficiency of the work in thick and thin, how to polish their inner abilities and how to coordinate and communicate with each other while working in a team work.

Training was further preceded with number of workshops and seminars with refreshments in around the world. But just because of dedicated staff members, workers and other employers in short because of the commitment of a single person there of who prove their selves and their talent first to stand this channel and then to maintain and improve its broadcasting in Pakistan as well as in many other areas of this vast world.

As we know our society is diverse multi customary society having people with religions and backgrounds with diversified cultures, mentalities and perceptions to stand upon and get a significant designation in such conditions proves the endless efforts of its committed staff behind the curtain.

Thus briefly we can say that Geo TV is playing its vital role towards the better future of Pakistan by awaking its folk, by warning them about coming calamities, by widening their mental range and improving their thinking skillsby sharpening their social qualities and goodness last but not the least by demoting the social and religious evils which are severely harmful for our salvation not only for us but also for our country and religion.

Geo Urdu has launched many campaigns in order to aware innocent and simple people about national and international propagandas against them, their culture ,country, nation and their religion.

Few of them still activated are given below: In which notorious leaders of Pakistan are criticized in a funny way.

Introduction to load shedding

Same is the case with Geo and Jeenay do leaders who are dishonest to their designations and public are targeted through it in order to aware the people to do something against their rebellious actions. These days it is focused on mismanagement and other faults in the field of education.

We can see the videos captured by the students which show the oppression and brutality on innocent small pupils by their teachers or irresponsibility and frequent absence of teachers from the schools or the fault in school management and building.

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How to participate is very simple just capture pictures and videos regarding the topic and send it to the particular address. Express News network will telecast it after reviewing it.

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Page 5 of 17 (i) There was a general consensus on the need for introduction of ancillary services in India for greater security and reliability of grid operation. (ii) Introduction of ancillary service is expected to reduce dependence on UI which should be resorted .

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Meet the victims inside this book. Load shedding, or load reduction, is done countrywide as a controlled option to respond to unplanned events to protect the electricity power system from a total blackout.

Origins of the Breed. The name Bernese Mountain Dog is a rough translation of the German "Berner Sennenhund," which literally means Bernese Alpine Herdsman's Dog.

Eskom load shedding