Hsm 240 week 8 finances

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Hsm 240 week 8 finances

The Week in Public Finance: What the Aging Population Means for State Finances One-third of states will be "super-aged" byweighing down economies and finances for years to come. Connecticut knows a thing or two about that; it has struggled for years with downgrades due to lackluster growth.

But there's something else affecting these states' ratings: And the two are far from alone. Declining working-age populations has already been a trend in 10 states over the past decade. On the other end of the spectrum, states with younger populations and, by consequence, stronger projected GDP growth are located in the South and West.

There are still a lot of unknowns that could change the current fiscal outlook for these super-aged states. For one, if rising health-care costs are ultimately brought under control, that could help ease Medicaid costs for states.

Medicare, the health insurance program for senior citizens, is funded by the federal government. But costs for Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor, are shared by states and the feds. Places like West Virginia that have a large population of elderly disabled or elderly poor who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid stand to benefit even more from improvements in health-care delivery.

On the other hand, federal proposals to raise the qualifying age for Medicare would harm states by boosting their own retiree health-care liabilities. Last year, nearly 80 percent of the foreign-born population in the U.

If the current pace of international migration stays the same, it could slow the pace of aging.

Hsm 240 week 8 finances

Research has shown that while first-generation immigrants are costlier to state and local governments than native-born adults, those effects eventually reverse. The children of these immigrants grow up and contribute more on average to federal, state and local coffers.

However, if the current political climate and push to tighten international immigration continues, that could hurt states like Hawaii, New Jersey and New York, where international migration is expected to help offset domestic out-migration over the next 10 years. In other public finance news this week: Income Tax Revenue is Booming Higher income tax revenues are driving strong state revenue growth this year, according to a new report from the Urban Institute.

During the first nine months of this year, state tax revenues have increased by an estimated 7. Overall, says Dadayan, individual income tax collections increased in 38 states during that quarter with 23 of them reporting double-digit growth.

Connecticut, Illinois and Kansas saw particularly strong growth and collections increased by Connecticut is home to a large number of hedge fund managers who scrambled to bring overseas profits back into the states by the end of A Credit Ratings Echo Chamber?

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Now, just. Elected and appointed officials, candidates, and appointees — Reports of financial affairs and gifts. [ c § ; c § 8; c 2 § 31 (Initiative Measure No. , approved November 3, ); c § 1; c § HSM Week 8 Assignment Finances.

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Hsm 240 week 8 finances
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