How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation form

Provisional equivalence letters are normally issued within one to two days. Block, Model Town, Lahore d.

How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation form

Rahul Basharat August 07, Islamabad - The Higher Education Commission HEC amending its degree attestation policy has decided to end the requirement of previous academic record for verification of the certificate issued by any higher education institution.

Govt committed to promote quality education in Punjab: Murad Raas Earlier, for the attestation of bachelors and masters degrees, it was compulsory for students to provide hard copies of their intermediate and matriculation academic record for the verification of the degrees.

The notification issued in this regard said that the HEC has decided to attest the degrees on merit and applicants will be no longer required to submit information of their previous academic record. Winter risks 'dire' for 1 mln children in MENA region: The fake degree scandal of the parliamentarians had led to the disqualification of number of parliamentarians.

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The courts had also ordered to register the cases against such parliamentarians who were found holding fake degrees. The official said that several times the degree issued by higher education institution was authentic but degrees of intermediate and matriculation were found fake. PM reviews day plan However, after the implementation of new policy the students will only have to provide their degree issued by the higher education institution attended by the student.

Spokesperson HEC Aayesha Ikram talking to The Nation said that the decision has been taken for the facilitation of students keeping in view their complaints in the verification process.

She said that universities or degree awarding institutes will have to verify the previous academic record of the student and HEC will later verify the bachelors and masters degree on that authenticity.

Court orders captured Ukrainian sailors held for two months She also said that the new attestation policy will have no impact on PhD degrees attestation as it has separate procedure of registration and attestation. HEC spokesperson also said that the new HEC attestation website portal will be retained and the academic profile of the student will be kept in record.

HEC had recently introduced a new web portal for the attestation of degrees to reduce the work burden and end the queue culture at HEC.Authority letter for hec verification.

Hec degree attestation authority letter form. Sample format of character attestation letter? Authority letter for hec degree attestation format. How to write an authorisation letter to the university for my sister to collect my degree certificate?

Degree Attestation by HEC: Facilities opened in Lahore and Peshawar

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1. Fee for attestation of original document Rs/- (each) 2.

how to write authority letter for hec degree attestation form

Fee for attestation of photocopy Rs/- (each) (Please enclose original Fee Receipt) I. PARTICULARS OF THE APPLICANT (IN CAPITAL LETTERS) 1. Name of Degree Holder: 2. National Identity Card No. 3. Address: 4. Name of the Authorized Person: (in case of absence of Degree Holder) 5. National Identity Card No: 6.

Authority Letter – duly attested by 17 grade govt officer Note: HEC will attest originals transcripts and degree first then photocopies and after attestation they will put attested copies in official sealed envelope on our request.

how to write authority letter for hec degree attestation form

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation The applicant himself or his family member with authority letter. For the HEC Attestation From Pakistan Of Your Degree and Educational Documents Mamoo Can Help You Getting It Attested For You.

READ MORE. British Council Attestation. Question: How can I fill the form for attestation of Equivalence Certificates issued by HEC? Answer: Please select relevant country from drop down list that has awarded the degree. Then select name of concerned university.

Please write program title as per Equivalence Certificate.

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