Guns in schools

Share via Email Painted hand prints with names of teachers and students are on a playground bench at the new Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, scene of the shooting. Betsy DeVos suggests guns be allowed in schools threatened by grizzly bears Read more McDaniel does, however, agree with Betsy DeVos that there are good reasons for local schools to allow gun carrying, or even have guns on hand.

Guns in schools

Teachers with guns is a crazy idea — February 18, Kerry Drake I went to college with a strong law enforcement program, so there were always a lot of cops on campus.

Flashback 30 Years: Guns Were in Schools and Nothing Happened | Rule of Law

Not all of them carried guns, but some did. It did not make me feel safer. One day in the cafeteria, an officer who was more Barney Fife than Wyatt Earp dropped his gun in the middle of a group of students enjoying lunch. Several of us on the Guns in schools of the college paper began a campaign to ban anyone, including student law enforcement officers, from carrying guns on campus.

They trusted them to conduct themselves in a safe manner. But eventually, views about guns at colleges and schools changed, and gun-free zones were created. For the first time in years I thought about this last week when the Wyoming House overwhelmingly approved a bill to allow school employees and volunteers with concealed weapons permits to possess guns in schools.

As in several other states, it was a reaction to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, where 20 children and six adults were gunned down by a mentally unstable young man who was armed to the teeth.

It was as simple as the good guys taking out the bad guys, according to NRA leaders, who make the same pronouncement after every massacre: If everyone had a gun, some hero would expertly shoot the gunman no matter how panicked everyone was at the scene.

Guns in schools

It was the same argument that gun advocates made after the shootings at an Aurora, Colo. If many in the audience that night were armed, there would have been instant justice for the killer. It boggles my mind when the NRA responds to these tragedies by railing against any type of gun restriction or background check, because everyone supposedly has the right to carry military-type weapons that can shoot hundreds of rounds in an extremely short period of time.

It reminds me of when Archie Bunker came up with his famous solution to end hijacking: House Bill passed introductionand was approved by the House Education Committee.

I have no doubt it will pass by a wide margin this week and move on to the Senate, which will likely take the same action because in this gun culture, weapons are seen as the only way to handle things. His opposition to HB is based on his belief everyone who wants to should be allowed to carry guns anywhere.

Does anyone care about how the students feel, and that this is teaching them the only answer to violence is more violence? How long will it be before a teacher leaves a loaded weapon where a student will find it and accidentally injure or kill a classmate? Does the teacher just whip out his or her pistol and shoot to kill?

Many states are responding differently to mass shootings at schools. South Dakota became the first state in the nation last year to allow teachers to have guns, but Colorado lawmakers killed a similar bill earlier this month.

A January poll by the National Education Association found more than two-thirds of teachers opposed the idea. Maybe they will just go to Parent-Teacher Night and pass them out like cupcakes.

If Wyoming lawmakers approve this bill, they should pass a companion measure that says guns are allowed at the Legislature, where they are currently banned.

Yes, what could be a better recognition of how guns protect us than to see every lawmaker, lobbyist, journalist and visitor in the gallery packing heat? He also moderates the WyPols blog.

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He lives in Casper.Mar 01,  · Ohio’s teachers’ unions have mobilized against the widespread arming of teachers in schools, arguing that gun control, not armed clashes, will protect students.

Despite the success of these gun-free policies, an increasingly extreme pro-gun movement in the USA is promoting legislation and litigation to force colleges and universities to allow concealed guns on campus.

As a result, schools in Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin have now been forced in different ways to allow the carrying of .

Guns in schools

Advocates of gun control have been thrown into a tizzy. Instead of going after guns sold out of automobile trunks in the inner city, they are forced politically to deal with the hunting guns used by kids in the rural shootings In , 55 killings occurred in America's schools.

In it was down to Gun rights advocates prepare push for more guns in schools – grizzly bears or no Attempts to allow more guns in K schools were defeated in 15 states last year but second amendment campaigners.

Adding more guns to schools may create an illusion of safety, but in reality it would make our classrooms less safe." Kasey Hansen said she believes teachers should have the ability to defend. Georgia passed a guns-in-schools bill in The other states allowing guns in schools already had versions of such laws in place.

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