Going to the x stream case study

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Going to the x stream case study

Sven Krasser Chief Scientist About CrowdStrike CrowdStrike is a leader in cloud-delivered, next-generation services for endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and response. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform stops breaches by preventing and responding to all types of attacks—both malware and malware-free.

CrowdStrike Falcon is currently deployed in more than countries. The Challenge To proactively stop cyberattacks, CrowdStrike relies heavily on machine learning to analyze data for Falcon Host, a software-as-a-service SaaS endpoint protection solution designed to integrate seamlessly into customer environments.

Using Apache Spark—the open source, big-data processing engine—CrowdStrike performs feature extraction of machine learning workloads to classify event data sent from Falcon Host. Sven Krasser, chief scientist at CrowdStrike.

As a startup, however, the company needed more agility to effectively perform analysis with Spark. Additionally, CrowdStrike needed more scalability for its Falcon Host environment. That made it very easy for us to get off the ground quickly.

The company also chose to run its Spark implementation in Amazon Elastic MapReduce Amazon EMRa web service that simplifies big data processing by providing a managed big data framework. CrowdStrike pushes data from its sensors to the Amazon Simple Storage Service Amazon S3and then uses Amazon EMR with Spark to process hundreds of terabytes of event data and roll it up into higher-level behavioral descriptions on the hosts.

From that data, CrowdStrike can pull event data together and determine if there is malicious activity present. In our experience over the past year, we have never encountered EBS unavailability. That means we can move a lot faster on validating a new hypothesis or training model.

Using Amazon EBS, we were able to quickly bring up a separate plus node cluster. Then, after a few weeks, we got rid of the old cluster. All of this was done without affecting performance. We could never have done that in a traditional physical environment, because it would require a large maintenance window and a lot of downtime.

But with AWS, if that scenario happens, you can still provision more instances without needing to install new hardware.

Going to the x stream case study

In addition, the organization is benefiting from having higher availability for its machine learning and Cassandra environments. In a traditional data center environment, it would have taken us years to get that kind of availability and redundancy baked in.SoundCloud offers a platform for artists, bands, podcasters, and others to create their own recordings or upload existing sounds.

Sounds can either be shared with friends or publicly on blogs, websites, or social networks, and via apps for iPhone, Android, and others. GOING TO THE X-STREAM An Organizational Behavior Case Analysis By Zaid Al-jebreen Philip Tschorn Felix Buatsi X-STREAM Brainstorming Questions & comments?

conclusion History of X-STREAM spotlight on O.B. RECOMMENDATIONS ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE - Mechanistic & organic structure. Case Study 2: Going to the X-Stream Tamara A.

Scott MGMT Sec. E02 Spring Professor Emily Lane Gil Reihana is a smart, young, ambitious, and educated entrepreneur. After graduating college with an information technology degree, Reihana inherited a substantial amount of money. X-Stream leaves the department managers to ensure their subordinates are well informed on issued within the company such as developments, to prepare them.

However, very few of the managers have taken time to inform the employees of current developments. "Going To The X Stream Case Study" Essays and Research Papers Going To The X Stream Case Study Case Study 2: Going to the X - Stream Tamara A.

Scott MGMT Sec. E02 Spring Professor Emily Lane Gil Reihana is a smart, young, ambitious, and educated entrepreneur.

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