Eye witness of road accident

He added that the two men were pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Eye witness of road accident

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. In the northern states, there is hardly any scientific study except road traffic accidents RTAs statistics obtained by the Ministry of Home whereas the main way of transportation is by road. There is the increasing load of motor vehicles on the already dilapidated roadways which has resulted in the increasing trend of RTAs in Assam.

To find out the prevalence, probable epidemiological factors and morbidity and mortality pattern due to RTAs in Dibrugarh district.

Descriptive study was carried out in Dibrugarh district from September to August under the department of Community Medicine. The information was collected from Assam Medical College and Hospital and cross checked with the police Eye witness of road accident.

A medical investigation including interview, clinical and radiological investigation was carried out; in case of fatality, post-mortem examination was examined in details. An on the spot investigation was carried out in accessible RTAs to collect the probable epidemiological factors.

RTAs affected mainly the people of productive age group which were predominantly male. Majority of the RTAs were single vehicle accidents and half of the victims were passengers. Accident rate was maximum in twilight and winter season demanding high morbidity and mortality.

Head and neck, U. RTAs is a major public health problem in Assam which needs more scientific study. Abbreviated injury scale, injury severity score, lower limb, road traffic accidents, upper limb Introduction The morbidity and mortality patterns are changed due to health and the consequent demographic transition.

The health system has to face the double burden of disease as a result of the epidemiological transition including communicable as well asnon-communicable diseases like-cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neuropsychiatric condition, malignant neoplasm, injuries etc.

Inan estimated 1. The injury related disease burden is expected to raise over the next 20 years particularly in case of road traffic injuries, IPV, war and self inflation injuries.

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For adult men aged years road traffic accidents RTAs are the biggest cause of ill health and premature death worldwide.

It is the leading cause of mortality for young adults less than 45 years and a major burden of disease across all age group.

In the northern states, there is hardly any scientific study except RTAs statistics obtained by the Ministry of Home. In Assam, the main way of transportation is by road.

Due to the changing socioeconomic scenario of the state, the need for rapid movement of a large section of the people is increasing day by day. Assam is also a state experiencing double burden of the disease.

In the state of Assam according to the data available it was found that about To deal with these morbidities valuable resources of the existing health institution has to be diverted.

RTA is another emerging morbidity in a developing state like Assam which is not only siphoning off a large chunk of specialist man hour as well as other valuable resources of the health services. As such to plan the services properly we must have an idea of its magnitude as well as the type of service requirement for those affected by RTA.

With this backdrop, the current study was conducted with the objectives of finding out the magnitude of problem, its epidemiological factors and morbidity and mortality pattern due to RTAs in a district of Assam.

Materials and Methods This was a descriptive study, conducted in Dibrugarh district is situated in upper Zone Assam, one of the seven north-eastern states India.

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Dibrugarh district is one of the twenty seven districts of Assam. Almost all the districts of Assam including Dibrugarh are situated in plain The district wise mean length of P.

D road is km as against km in the study area. Mean employee of the state registered through exchange is persons which is less than the study area Each district has a similar type of health infrastructure in the Govt. The private health facility is located mainly in the urban area.

The population of the district is 11,having rural: There are six urban areas, the population density is persons per sq.In the Zarzalico accident, therefore, there are many eye-witness accounts from those nearby at the time and the rescue workers themselves. Description of the scenario and accident The accident happened at kilometre point of the A motorway running from Puerto Lumbreras to Granada.

The factors vary in their degree of subjectivity, such that some factors (e.g., aggressive driving) are more dependent than others (e.g., defective or missing mirrors) on the officer’s subjective assessment of the accident and on eye-witness reports. Nov 07,  · Eyewitnesses give their accounts of the fatal road accident that claimed the life of Nyeri governor Wahome Gakuru in Kabati, Murang'a, along the .


Eye witness of road accident

Ngegi claimed that he witnessed the tragic accident Tuesday morning along Thika-Murang’a road that claimed the life of the Nyeri Governor. What to Ask a Car Accident Witness. For example, if the accident was caused by a child running into the road, was the witness close to the child or where the child an into the street?

What did the witness see? Have them describe the accident. A fuel tanker has exploded on a road in Kenya, killing at least 39 people.

The tanker, heading to Uganda, appeared to lose control as it headed downhill before crashing into other vehicles in.

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