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Event planner

Maybe you've decided you want to become an event planner, but you're not sure what the "day-to-day life" of an event planner looks like. After all, event planners can't always be at an event; there has to be some planning involved, right?

What is an Event Planner?

As I always say, event planning is much more than just pretty decor, fun entertainment, and good food. Then, you might ask, what is it really about? An event planner creates, organizes, and supervises every element of an event, meeting, or incentive.

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? The reality is so much more. Misconception 1 One thing that I want to clear up right away is a big misconception about the life of an event planner.

More than anything else, I hear people say "I want to become an event planner because I don't want a desk job.

Event planner

It's called event planning for a reason…. The exception to this is if you become a corporate meeting planner, in which case you'll spend a lot more time at your events; because most meetings last days.

The planning side of event planning is very much a desk job. It will feel, at times, like your computer or your laptop is attached to your hip Event planner times.

Event planners work long and non-traditional hours to plan and execute all details related to a variety of meeting formats including seminars, conferences, trade shows, executive retreats, incentive programs, golf events, conventions, and other programs. Kristin Banta Events is a Los Angeles Event Planner, Los Angeles Wedding Planner, and , , Event Planner of the Year. & Best Wedding Finalist. Kristin Banta Events creates unforgettable Los Angeles Weddings & Events. Your planner can fill your designer in on your catering details and location requirements, while your designer can help your planner style and schedule your wedding perfectly leading up to and on the day of your event.

You will have hundreds of emails to keep on top of, lists to cross-check, research to do, schedules to create, and budgets to continually update.

However, there are times when you have to be "out and about" too. You will have to do site inspections to check out venues, meetings with vendors, meetings with clients, meetings with caterers, decor to pick out, and on and on! So in that sense, event planning is not your typical "desk job.

Plus, the work is different every single day; unlike many "desk jobs" where the work is pretty repetitive from day to day. I just like to clarify this, so that before you commit to becoming an event planner you understand that a lot of your time is spent at a desk.

Misconception 2 Another misconception about the life of an event planner is that you "get to party for living. She's simply basking in the glow of a job well done, wine glass in hand, and loving that she's getting to party for a living and not sitting in a cubicle.

Again, the reality is slightly different! When you're at your event, you are running around like a headless chicken So, now that we've clarified a few things that event planning is not, let's look at what it is!

First of all, a lot of people often ask how long an event takes to plan.


That, of course varies greatly; depending on the size of the event, an event can take three months, six months, even a year to plan.

Larger events can take even longer to plan.

How much does a wedding planner cost? In this guide, five event pros from all ends of the spectrum — corporate meetings, boutique conferences, high-end agencies, and association events — weigh in on running an event from start to finish.
Event management - Wikipedia This is great news for all planners as it shows that the demand for your talent and service is on the rise. As an event planner, it is more important than ever to know how to write an event planning proposal in order to get the attention of all clients looking for qualified and professional event planners.
The Difference Between Event Planners and Event Designers They often choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate other details. What does an Event Planner do?
Answer a few questions How much does a wedding planner cost?
Wedding planner - Wikipedia They often choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate other details.

For example, they are already working on choosing the city for the Olympics. Why does it take so long? What has to be done so far in advance of the event? Here's a really basic overview of some of the elements that have to planned fairly far "out" prior to the event: Six months to one year before the event is to take place, the event planner receives her assignment.

A meeting or event concept and a general set of dates will usually be decided upon. Then she will need to find a venue that can accommodate the event.

She will need to pick a venue, and many venues book up years in advance. If it's a corporate meetings, she needs to choose a host city, and then a host hotel.

Finding the right venue or hotel for your event can be the toughest part of the job; and THEN you have to work with their available dates…. Registration must be set up, and the attendees need to be invited to register.Wedding Planners. Hiring a wedding planner may be the best decision you’ll make as you near your big day.

Wedding planners can connect you with vendors, help you stay organized and on budget, make tough decisions, and handle any wedding-day drama with ease. Wedding planners will handle all the details, so you can enjoy your special day.

Event Planning Are you always planning parties and events for your friends? Maybe a career in event planning is right for you! Learn how to get a job in event planning or start your own business, and get tips and best practices for planning everything from Bar Mitzvahs to weddings.

What is Event Planners Directory? initiativeblog.com is a national directory of professional event service providers such as photographers, DJ's, caterers, and event planners. The site is useful for anyone planning an event.

Part 1: Planning Your Event

Techsytalk is an event planning blog produced by friend-of-the-Guidebook-blog Liz King, a tech-savvy event planner based in New York City.

Liz’s business was born of her interest in industry trends and her eagerness to share them with other professionals. Event planners coordinate all aspects of events, weddings, and meetings ranging.

As a summer intern, you’ll likely work on a team that handles everything from choosing a venue, negotiating contracts with suppliers, arranging transportation, ordering food and making final decisions on entertainment.

Wedding planners can help make sure the big day runs smoothly. Photograph: Peter Cade Whether it's a wedding or other special occasion, everyone loves to celebrate a big event, but planning these.

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