Essay on puerto penasco

This is a sad story: Nine-year-old boys come out? Something is off here.

Essay on puerto penasco

The colors remain in the clouds until the last bit of sunlight has disappeared to give way to the bright stars visible from the beach at night. For years, I have watched sunrises and sunsets with the most important people in my life in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

Before the condos starting springing up along Sandy Beach, I grew up spending holiday weekends and summers with family friends in big beach casitas.

The smell of fresh baked tortillas and sliced mangoes in the salty air is as familiar as the dust and dirt of the desert in my Phoenix home. I never guessed that my life might almost end in the very place I always felt the most safe and happy.

The day started off like any other, with a banana boat ride with my brother and a tennis match with my mom.

After a walk on the beach Essay on puerto penasco my boyfriend, our two families met for dinner at the grill. We all ate too many bacon wrapped shrimp for our own good and shared stories from the day.

Feeling woozy all over, I got up and stumbled to the bathroom. My brain felt fuzzy and I was unsteady on my feet. After an hour of nonstop sickness, my parents decided to drive me to the nearest Mexican medical clinic.

The doctor quickly started an IV and ran a quick series of tests. The doctor advised my parents to rush me to the States and to hurry because the border crossing would close at midnight and not open until the next day.

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In the ER in Phoenix, doctors asked question after question but could not determine what the problem was. The decision was made to rush me into emergency surgery in the early hours of the morning.

Essay on puerto penasco

The Doctor had to remove a rare blockage to my intestines in order to to save my life, then I recovered in ICU before being transferred to a regular ward for a week long recovery period. At first, I was afraid to return to Puerto Penasco, fearful of the bad memories and life threatening emergency that almost ended my trips to the beach forever.

Anxiety edged into my mind because the doctor warned another incident was not only probable, but likely. Ultimately, it was the excellent care provided by the Mexican doctor and the help provided to me and my family by the some complete strangers while I was in distress that convinced me to face my fears, confident that if something did happen, people would once again help out.

My near death experience in Mexico changed my perspective; now I feel much more as though we are all in this together. Instead of creating space between myself and the locals, I now strive to bridge the cultural gap and connect with the local people wherever I go.

My experiences have been so much more rewarding. I now look for opportunities to repay the kindness shown to me by complete strangers and I believe this keeps the chain of togetherness and cooperation between cultures in motion.

Today's Free Photo for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Rocky Point Essay, Research Paper The Transition of Puerto Pe asco Puerto Pe asco, Mexico, or to us gringos known as Rocky Point, began its life close to 90 years ago. In the s Puerto Pe asco was known as Cerro de Pe asco and was merely a temporary camp for passing fishermen. Sep 11,  · In terms of buying a place, we are not supposed to discuss anything that is not travel related on this forum, but if you're on Facebook, you should join the "Puerto Penasco Community" page. There are many expats there that can share their personal experiences.

My memories from Puerto Penasco still form a central part of who I am, only now I appreciate even more the time I spend walking in the sand with the people I love. Each new sunset and sunrise seems even more splendid than before. Mexico is the place where I feel most thankful to be alive.


A traumatic experience met with resounding grace and kindness from strangers is enough to cause anyone to pause and reflect, I only wish I would have opened my eyes and heart wider sooner. Thank you for reading and commenting. Please enter the Gratitude Travel Writing competition and tell your story.

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By Farras Abdelnour 18 Dec In November of I headed to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, also known as Rocky town is located at 31°19"0' N, °32"0' W, on the north end of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) and 66 miles south of the U.S.

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Life in mexico city essay Life in Mexico City Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico and is located in the center of the country. Rocky Point Essay, Research Paper The Transition of Puerto Pe asco Puerto Pe asco, Mexico, or to us gringos known as Rocky Point, began its life close to 90 years ago.

In the s Puerto Pe asco was known as Cerro de Pe asco and was merely a temporary camp for passing fishermen.

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