English composition ii

English Composition I is traditionally a first-year course, and English Composition II is traditionally a sophomore-year course. In addition to these two required Liberal Studies English Composition courses, students must complete two additional Writing-Across-the-Curriculum W courses. Proposals may identify additional objectives from the list of Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes as appropriate to the course content.

English composition ii

Course goals and outcome: Students will master analytical skills pertaining to literature. Students will learn basic elements of the short story and the important aspects of each. Students will learn to analyze a given story based on these elements and their parts.

Students will be able to discuss each of these elements in detail. English Composition II is the study of short stories with an emphasis an literary analysis.

Students will write papers on theme central ideacharacter, conflict, point of view, setting, language and tone. Each element will relate or support the central idea. See Grades and grading and Course requirements. Students must have credit in Engl with a grade of C or better to enroll English composition ii Engl Your greatest enemies in this course are time the passing of which you can do nothing about and procrastination which you absolutely must avoid or you will surely not succeed.

If you are not prepared to work everyday on this course, even though there are no classroom meetings, be advised to withdraw from it.

Students must attend one of the scheduled orientation meetings.

Syllabus - English Composition II

On-site, manditory orientation required: Students who do not attend an orientation must contact their instructor during the first week of class.

Incompletes are given only in cases of extreme and documented emergency and at the discretion of the instructor. Only when the student and the instructor have signed an Incomplete Form can an Incomplete be recorded.

Your final grade will be determined by the grade level you complete, not by the average on your papers.

English composition ii

A grade will not be put on individual writing assignments. You should confer with your instructor, refer to a handbook, or go to Tutoring Labs before correcting your errors and resubmitting the paper.

English Composition I Expected Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

You must avoid similar errors in subsequent papers in order to progress in the course. The revision process is designed to prepare you to meet the final objectives of the course without making serious writing errors. You must go to a Writing Lab and get assistance from a tutor if you have to revise more than once.

REWRITE means that the paper does not fulfill the objectives of the assignment or that the paper contains serious writing errors.

You should confer with your instructors before writing another paper. Academic work submitted by students shall be a result of their own thought, research or expression. Academic work is defined as exams, projects, papers.

English Composition I and II - Criteria - For Faculty and Staff - Liberal Studies - IUP

When students borrow ideas, wording or organization from another resource, they shall reference it using MLA documentation. A faculty member who suspects academic dishonesty reviews the evidence with the student After conferring with the student, the faculty member will access the penalty.

If you take any information used in your papers from web sites or other students papers, you will be receive a grade of F in the course. All papers in this course must be derived from your own thoughts and analysis of the work being considered.

Your grade will be based on how many papers you complete and are accepted. You may turn paper in: At my Office RGC Campus By fax By US mail or inter-campus mail You must contact me by phone,email or by coming to my office to find out if a paper is accepted before turning in the next paper.

If a paper needs revision, the revisions must be made; the paper must be re-submitted and accepted before the next paper can be submitted. Only one paper can be turned in at a time.

I require 48 hours not including weekends to grade a paper. Indicate the paper and course section when you inquire on the status of your paper. I require 48 hours minimum not including weekends to grade a paper.

Syllabus Sections

English is a study of the principles of composition with emphasis on language, the mechanics of writing, documentation.Get Your FixGrammarly scans your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes, Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better.

– initiativeblog.com As a continuation of English Composition I, this course focuses on analysis and argument while devoting attention to academic research and writing, critical thinking across the . Online English Composition II Taking English Composition II is the low-cost way to quickly fulfill part two of one of the most common general education core requirements.

Our popular English Composition II course acts as a continuation of lessons learned in English Composition I, . The ability to research topics and incorporate information from your sources into your work is an important skill both in college and on the job.

This course will reinforce the concepts you practiced in English Composition I by introducing you to basic research concepts and techniques. It will also. English Composition II. The Liberal Studies curriculum is built upon the concept that writing development during the undergraduate years is a shared responsibility.

At the end of English Composition II, the synthesis and inquiry skills outlined below are emergent rather than secure in a disciplinary sense. Table of Contents. Course Contents About This Course; Course Contents at a Glance; Learning Outcomes; Faculty Resources Request Access.

Course: ENGL English Composition II