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In addition, contribute extra amounts to various church funds such as Fast Offering, Missionary fund, Building fund, etc. Do not question Mormon authority. They are told that when the prophet speaks the thinking has been done. Members are expected to obey whatever they are told without any hesitation or skepticism.

Do my homework former latter

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Were you afraid of what would happen if you told the truth? Worried how the other would react?

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Or because you felt ashamed? Because covering up the truth seemed easier than dealing with the lie? Or you just wished so very much that things were different?

Whichever the reasons may be, I invite you to keep in mind your own journey with truth-telling, its opposite, and all the in-between shades of grey, as we consider how to respond when our children lie, and how to encourage them in finding and expressing their truth, in this way building relationships that are worthy of trust -- trustworthy.

When parents discover their children are lying to them, they are usually filled with keen dismay, sometimes incredulity, puzzlement or anger, and underneath it all, always, in my experience, with sadness.

We know intuitively that truth-telling is key to building and nurturing a trusting relationship. We know that without it, we quickly enter slippery ground. It becomes harder to know one another, difficult to trust. Lies get in the way of closeness, intimacy and connection.

Over the past few months this question has come up frequently in my counseling and parent coaching practice: What do we do when we find our child lying to us? How to deal with, prevent, heal and course-correct? It is a vast topic and inquiry. In this article I share with you 13 ways to prevent, as well as to respond.

One of the most profound shifts in our view of and interaction with children takes place when we realize -- and I mean, truly get -- that they make sense. Not necessarily "making sense" in the way of articulate reasoning, logic or clear communication.

But that there is always a reason behind what they do. In this way, they make sense. And it is our task and responsibility as adults to decipher what that reason may be, to understand them more, to listen deeper, and to find out what that "sense making" is.

While they are busy learning our language, we need to be busy learning their language. In the context of this article, what are they saying when they lie? There is a communication in that too. When we hear the message tucked in the lie, we are much better equipped to respond appropriately.

We -- adults and children alike -- grow through ages and stages.

do my homework former latter

As we develop, our understanding and appreciation of fantasy and reality also develop. When dealing with a child whom we perceive is lying, it is important to include in our discernment and our response, where they are at in their developmental journey.

When a 3-year-old says, "My grandma is very, very old, years old! Or when a 4-year-old vehemently insists that she did "truly see a fairy peek from behind that rock over there," she is playing with and exploring the line between the imaginary and the real.

On the other hand, when an 8-year-old denies having played on his iPad when he was supposed to be finishing his homework, he is well aware of the difference between what really happened and what he is communicating. Different developmental stages require different responses.

do my homework former latter

We can only be as honest with others as we are with ourselves.We hate weakness and despise loneliness. The more we run from the former, the more we reap the latter. It’s like a double whammy. Oh yes, we have friends when the money is good or the keg is on tap. Love, Law, Grace, Mercy, Justice, and Equity Discussion Summary Principles.

For discussion of , please see Truth on this website. For the remainder, see the text of the discussion that follows these summary principles.

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