Background paper on amos

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Background paper on amos

In this case, archeology assists us in tracing the ideological core of Israelite self-definition in the sense that it provides a powerful moral background to make sense out of the harsh and condemnatory words of Amos.

In this paper, three specific attacks will be dealt with: Amos was a man of the people, a shepherd from Tekoa.

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It is no exaggeration to Background paper on amos that his primary prophesy was against Israel, and specifically, that the prosperity of Israel was purely vacuous and hollow, based around corrupt practices taken from Tyre and other major trading cities. This paper will skip the concerns with the nations such as Aram or Edom, and deal solely with his attacks on Israel proper.

The approach of this paper is largely based on the literary archeology of Israel, as reported by major scholars in this field. Many of the prophets did speak of the day of the lord, but only that it will be a punishment for the wayward in Judah and Israel, not a day of victory, as the corrupt and hypocritical upper classes in Israel thought.

The Poor Oppressed 2. In the case of Amos, the background is rather clear.

Background paper on amos

During the reign of Jehoahaz, Israel had suffered a major defeat at the hands of the Syrians. But Amos made the class divisions within Israel central, Smith writes: It was a post war period, when even as here, the rich seem to have been getting richer and the poor poorer. It was the great merit of Amos that he insisted upon fundamental morality as the supreme thing in human relations with God.

It was out of deep sympathy with men of his own kind that he spoke words of indignation and scorn against the rich oppressor Smith, In other words, one need not approach these things from the point of view of universal moral condemnations, but as something more specific, the attack on the transgression of the specific laws given to Israel, and hence, itself interfering with temple worship.

It is a far more simple cause and effect relation: God is righteous, God is supreme, and the people are wicked. His thought does not go any farther than this.

Amos is a man of specificity, not universality. In other words, there is a strong moral sense of ethnic and religious solidarity that is coming under attack by the class stratification of Israel Wolf, What Wolf holds more generally is that there is a moral sense though nothing of a universal sense in which equality and solidarity befit a specifically chosen, theo-centric community.

This is the sense that Amos is trying to provoke with his words.

Table of Scripture Readings for the Story

Wolf holds that there is a strong sense of social egalitarianism in ancient Israel, and that there was no aristocracy except that which developed through the worship of money. The reality is that historically, the ancient community of Israel made all-important decisions in common, with no aristocratic leadership at the helm.

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Essays & Papers The Historical, Literary and Archeological Background of Three Indictments Against Israel in Amos - Paper Example The Historical, Literary and Archeological Background of Three Indictments Against Israel in Amos.

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