An embarrassing incident essay

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An embarrassing incident essay

Some anticipated stories do not happen the way we have always wanted. Some days, nights, ways and fights keep repeating in our life. However, it can be pretty funny to look back to the past where many embarrassing moments occur in our days An embarrassing incident essay nights, leaving an abiding memory that cannot be possibly forgotten.

Scientists call me Homosapien but the world would rather address me as a human being. There are many embarrassing incidents in my life dictionary and most of them are still playing in my mind.

Oh, what a memory. There was one day when I accidentally humiliated myself in front of my friends in class. It is not that I was doing something incredibly awesome or what, but I had made something that caused me to look stupid in front of others. I was in my dream; rowing my boat under a romantic blaze of light.

There, sitting next to me was Tyra with her unquestionable beauty. She smiled at me and I automatically curved a smile back to her. Assuming that as a license, I began serenading her with my not-so-good songs, pretending the rower of the boat as a guitar.

Suddenly, she moved closer to me, whispering to my ear something that I had always wanted to hear a long time ago. I love you too, my darling! Suddenly, the background song in my dream stopped playing my love sensation.

An embarrassing incident essay

Things went into a deep silence. At last, I heard a voice… Nope, my mistake!

An embarrassing incident essay

Not a voice, but a lot of voices! I opened my eyes, one by one, realizing I was not in my boat anymore. Guess what- I was in my class, standing in front of my turned-aback-teacher with my arms still spreading to everyone. They were laughing, probably at me.

Did they hear what I said in my dream just now? I turned around and looked at Tyra. She was sitting at the corner of the class, trying to hide her red embarrassed face. Oh yes, she must have heard my romantic expression.

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My other friends were still laughing meaning that they heard it too. My teacher looked at me with a smile and then the smile also turned into laughter.

Mrs Chin tried to calm everyone while she herself could not hold her emotion. I sat back on my chair and pretended not to know anything.

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Even though everything turned quiet again after a few hours, I was still embarrassed with the incident.Getting Started: Narrative Components. Make sure you’re following any of your instructor’s guidelines for your narrative essay – you’ll want to meet their expectations, first and foremost.

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My Most Memorable Incident In My Life Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples An Embarrassing Incident It was raining cats and dogs.
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A SHELF OF PROSE & POEMS: The Most Embarrassing Incident in My Life Just before he was diagnosed with ADHD.

Essays & Papers Friendly Letter – an Embarrasing Incident Essay - Paper Example Friendly Letter - an Embarrasing Incident Essay Neethlingshof Crescent Glen Erasmia 22 February Dear Dylan I just have to tell about an incident with a burglar at our next door neighbour’s house that happened yesterday - Friendly Letter - an Embarrasing Incident Essay introduction.

Plan at least 3 paragraphs beginning/introduction, middle or body of the essay and the conclusion/ending brainstorm with bullet points or a mindmap in back pages Paragraphs: don’t write numbers, don’t skip .

My most embarrassing moment essay: Occurrence in My Life

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Some anticipated stories do not happen the way we have always wanted. Some days, nights, ways and fights keep repeating in [ ].

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